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Hit Training is offering a free trial to all of its members for the summer!


MyGym LIVE is an online fitness social network that allows your gym to connect with people anywhere in the world, at any time of day. MyGym LIVE sets up live streams of your fitness classes, making the workouts accessible to members who can't get to the gym - from stay-at-home parents to individuals sidelined by injury. The MyGym LIVE database also stores HD recordings of the classes for your members to watch at their convenience. With MyGym LIVE, gyms are now open for business 24/7.

After purchasing the licensing fee from MyGym LIVE, your gym controls the cost. Our staff will install the software and strategically place the cameras to protect the privacy of those in the classes while still getting perfect views of the trainers for online streams. Your members simply log in to the MyGym LIVE site to watch streams and videos, check in with trainers, and keep up with their friends. The customizable site is compatible on all devices.